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PP luggage case color blank solution when injection
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PP luggage case color blank solution when injection

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PP luggage case color blank color blank is a common problem in the injection molding process. It shows that the color of the box is uneven and there is localized whitening.

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There are five reasons that may cause this problem:


(1) The temperature of the melt and the mold is too low.


(2) The structural design of the casting system of the mold is unreasonable.


(3) The cooling time is too short.


(4) The ejector design of demoulding is unreasonable.


(5) The injection speed and pressure are too high.



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(1) The temperature of the barrel and mold should be increased.


(2) The mold runner and gate structure should be improved so that the molten material does not produce turbulent flow when filling the mold.


(3) The cooling time should be properly extended.


(4) It is best to use a pneumatic demoulding device.


(5) It should be properly reduced.

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