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Accessories for trolley cases
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Accessories for trolley cases

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The accessories of a trolley case often determine the service life of the trolley case. A good trolley case and accessories are very important.

Tie rod: The material of the tie rod is usually aluminum alloy, steel, and the structure is one-section, two-section, and three-section. Two-section type and three-section type means that the length of the pull rod can be adjusted according to the weight of the box. Generally 20 inches and 24 inches use three-section type, and 28 inches use two-section type. When purchasing, the pull rod must be built-in and made of steel or all-aluminum. The all-aluminum is lighter and sturdy. Otherwise, you can't bear the savage loading and unloading. In addition, check the other configurations of the trolley case, such as whether the retractable button is humanized , Whether the pull rod is smooth when retracted, etc.

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Roller: The material of the roller is usually rubber, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing, and low noise. It has built-in and external ones. The built-in roller is generally called a one-way wheel. The advantage is that it is durable and can withstand the rough handling during consignment. The disadvantage is that it cannot be changed at will. It is suitable for any road surface in towns, railway stations and bus stations; the external roller can roll in any direction. The rollers are usually called "universal wheels". The advantage of the "universal wheel" is that the trolley box can freely change its direction with your body's movement during operation, but its disadvantage is that it cannot withstand the brutal loading and unloading during consignment and is suitable for walking on the smooth roads of high-end shopping malls and airports; The set rollers are generally divided into 4 wheels and 8 wheels, which are the so-called single-row wheels and double-row wheels. In terms of robustness, single-row wheels are better than double-row wheels;

Robustness:One-way wheels>aircraft wheels>universal wheels Maneuverability: airplane wheels>universal wheels>unidirectional wheels Market price: airplane wheels>universal wheels>unidirectional wheels

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Zipper and aluminum frame: There are two commonly used forms at the opening of the trolley case: aluminum frame and zipper;

The aluminum frame trolley case is an aluminum frame that connects the upper and lower parts of the luggage. Generally, the material of the aluminum frame trolley case is made of PC material. The luggage with the aluminum frame is relatively strong overall, and can also be used as a travel portable When you are tired, you can sit on the chair without worrying about the deformation of the aluminum frame. However, the price of general aluminum-framed luggage is more expensive than that of zippers, and aluminum-framed boxes of the same size are much heavier than zippered boxes of the same size. The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case looks more fashionable, especially now there are color aluminum frame trolley cases.

The zipper trolley case refers to a zipper that connects the upper and lower parts of the luggage. The material of the zipper trolley case can be cowhide, canvas, or PC. In general, there are more kinds of materials for the zipper trolley case than the aluminum frame. The situation needs to be determined according to the quality of the zipper. A better quality zipper will take longer to use, it is best not to sit on it.

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Password lock: The password lock is an important accessory to protect the safety of luggage during travel. It uses a series of numbers to open it. The codes of the combination lock are usually just permutations instead of real combinations. Some code locks only use a turntable to rotate several discs or cams in the lock; some code locks rotate a set of dial wheels engraved with numbers to directly drive the mechanism inside the lock. The combination locks on the trolley box are generally divided into convex type and inlaid type. The inlaid type hides the internal mechanical parts better, so the safety is higher, but the cost is also higher.

Lining: The lining of the trolley case plays a very good role in protecting the luggage during travel. At the same time, the lining of the trolley case is also an important indicator of the quality of a trolley case. The lining materials are generally polyester, Fuchun spinning, nylon spinning, satin cloth, poplin, etc. The general lining used in the trolley case is polyester and satin cloth.

Handle: Trolley cases are generally equipped with handles. The handles are mainly used to lift the trolley case. Since the trolley case is generally heavier after loading luggage, the firmness and comfort of the handle are particularly important. At present, the handle of the trolley case is generally a hard handle. This kind of handle has high firmness, but it has a poor feel when lifting heavy objects. The other is a soft resin handle. Resin material is added to the place where the human hand touches, so that while taking into account the firmness, the hand feels better and it is not tight.

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