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What Travel Equipment Is Needed In The Post-Epidemic Era?
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What Travel Equipment Is Needed In The Post-Epidemic Era?

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In the past few years, due to the epidemic, many people have reduced the number of trips. But while the number of trips has decreased, the occasional short trip cannot be avoided. In the current epidemic environment, in order to ensure maximum safety when going out, it is necessary for us to prepare some essential items for travel.

1. Luggage

The first thing you need to do when traveling is, of course, luggage. Generally speaking, you can prepare 28-inch and 22-inch suitcases. The suitcase made of PC material will be relatively light in weight, good in toughness and strong in impact resistance, so it will be a better choice. Generally speaking, 28-inch large suitcases are mainly purchased to meet the needs of traveling abroad for more than a week. 28 inches is almost the largest size of luggage on the market, and it is more than enough to store 2-3 people's clothes. There will also be more than enough space to store travel purchases.

The 22-inch suitcase can mainly meet the travel needs of less than a week. It can put 2-3 sets of personal clothes in it, and there is also enough space for a laptop and documents. But beware, according to regulations, luggage larger than 20 inches cannot be carried with you when boarding a plane, and can only be checked in.

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2. Disinfect wash bag

It is very important to do daily disinfection during the epidemic. In addition to the daily washing tools, a disinfection and wash bag is also equipped with a UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamp, which can disinfect and sterilize personal items anytime, anywhere. UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamp has a good disinfecting effect on microorganisms, and it will not change the temperature, so it will not cause damage to electronic products, so it can be safely put together with other items.

3. Capsule disinfection electric toothbrush

Capsule electric toothbrush, at first glance you will feel that it is designed for business travelers. As an electric toothbrush, it is surprisingly compact, and the storage box and the toothbrush inside weigh only 200g. The ABS resin capsule shell is both a storage box and a charging base, which will not take up additional storage space in the luggage. In addition to its small size, the capsule storage box can be air-dried and sterilized, which is another reason why it is very suitable for travel. It has a built-in air-drying function and a UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can be air-dried and disinfected by itself when it is opened and closed twice in a row, which is a very thoughtful design.

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