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The Development Of Accessories For Luggage
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The Development Of Accessories For Luggage

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Luggage is a must for us to go out. After years of development, the accessories of luggage are also changing and developing. Today, let's take a look at the development of these accessories of luggage.

1. Wheels

Walk through any airport in the world and you'll probably see people pushing all forms of rolling luggage, but do you know who invented the rolling luggage? The patent for wheeled luggage was granted in 1972 to Bernard Sadow, owner of U.S. Luggage, now part of Briggs & Riley Travel Products. U.S. Luggage first introduced wheeled travel cases in 1970. At the time Sado had four casters on a suitcase and added a flexible belt. His first retail client for this new invention was Macy's. The wheels of luggage have developed today, and they are the most frequently used and tested accessories for luggage. Now the 360-degree rotating universal mute wheel has become the favorite of the market and consumers. There are also some luggage manufacturers that use the main wheel plus an auxiliary wheel to meet the needs of consumers who want more effort.

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2. Lever handle

Before buying a suitcase, have you tested its lever handle? There are many factors that go into choosing the suitcase that best suits you and your needs, and trolleys are one of them. Are the luggage levers strong, are they adjustable, and are there a smooth transition? These are all questions you need to consider. A good lever handle can go a long way in improving your travel experience. At present, the luggage trolleys that we can buy or see on the market are basically made of metal materials, mainly pure aluminum and aluminum alloys. A complete trolley requires many parts, and the combination of parts is basically operated by hand. The quality of each part determines the quality of the trolley.

3. TSA combination lock

The safety of luggage during travel is inseparable from reliable locks, and the TSA combination lock certified by travel security is the standard configuration of high-quality luggage. With the development of combination locks, smart combination locks have appeared on the market. For example, some three-in-one smart locks integrate password settings, fingerprint unlocking, and USB convenient charging ports.

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