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6 Elements Of Luggage Selection
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6 Elements Of Luggage Selection

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The essential part of traveling is the suitcase, especially when you have a lot of things, a high-quality suitcase is very important, so do you know what are the elements of suitcase selection?

(1) Wheels

There are three kinds of wheels for luggage, the first type is one-way wheels, the second type is universal wheels, and another type is double-row universal wheels. Among them, the double-row universal wheel is the most durable, with a stronger load-bearing capacity than other wheels, is wear-resistant and durable, and has a longer service life. And the 360-degree rotating design allows you to walk more freely, no matter which direction you go, it will not be stuck. The bearing of the wheel is preferably made of steel, which is not easy to break and is more durable.

(2) Pull rod

The trolleys of the luggage are generally made of aluminum alloy. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum alloy material should be basically enough. Under normal circumstances, the gears of ordinary suitcases are around the third gear, which can basically meet daily needs, but the fourth gear suitcases change more flexibly and are more suitable for people of different heights.

(3) The luggage materials

The current luggage materials are mainly ABS plastic, cowhide material, PVC material, PC material, PU leather material, Oxford cloth material and canvas material When you choose, you can choose different materials according to your own preferences and needs.

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(4) Closing method

The common closing methods of luggage on the market are zipper type and aluminum frame type. The zipper type generally uses zipper as the closing method of the luggage. The advantage is that it is elastic, can increase the capacity of the luggage, and is very light in weight. The advantage of the aluminum frame model is that it is easy to close and more ornamental in appearance, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy.

(5) Lock

Locks are generally divided into ordinary password locks and TSA customs locks. TSA lock luggage is a must for those who go abroad. Its logo is a red diamond, and customs officers will use a special key to open the box for inspection when going through security. If there is no need to go abroad, ordinary locks are enough and the price is cheaper.

(6) Internal structure

Generally, the internal structure should pay attention to two aspects, one is the material inside, and the other is the internal structure. The more upscale the inner material is, the more quality it will be able to show. At present, the common materials are peach skin, polyester cloth, polyester cotton, nylon and so on. The internal structure generally refers to the distribution of functional areas inside the box. The smaller the functional area distribution, the better the carrying capacity and convenience of the luggage.

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