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How To Make Your Suitcase More Recognizable?-Part One
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How To Make Your Suitcase More Recognizable?-Part One

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For anyone who travels a lot, you must have encountered this situation quite often: waiting for your luggage on the conveyor belt. You'll see suitcase after suitcase passing on the conveyor belt, similar in color, size or design to your own. So you always need to make sure it's yours or not. If you want to avoid this from happening, one of the best ways is to make your suitcase more recognizable, so what should you do?

1. Choose a suitcase in a different color

Maybe you will always choose black luggage, however, some pastel colors or even bright colors that are both elegant and recognizable are also good choices.

Black and navy blue colors are the most common luggage choices, and people choose these colors because they are said to cause less wear and tear. But in fact, there are other options for dark luggage, such as wine red, dark purple, dark green and gray. Luggage in these colors still looks professional, but these colors allow you to easily identify them. Bright colors are also a good choice if you want something a little more different. For example, muted colors like red, baby blue, and light pink are visually appealing while still being eye-catching. If you're after a more stylish look, luggage in earth tones like cream and brown are also trending right now.

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2. Buy recognizable luggage straps

Luggage straps not only ensure that your suitcase is securely closed, but also help identify your luggage. Luggage straps are useful accessories for any suitcase, even if you have a good quality one. Another use for luggage belts is to ensure that you can spot your luggage immediately on the conveyor belt. In this case, the color is not necessarily the key, but more important is to make the luggage easier for you to identify. Luggage straps are available in a variety of sizes, colors and can be customized so that you can instantly recognize your own luggage strap.

3. Decorate your suitcase with stickers

Stickers are an easy, inexpensive way to put on your luggage as a great way to personalize your luggage. The most popular practice is to display stickers on luggage in a tasteful manner with place names and styles. No matter where you've been, the stickers on your luggage will likely reveal your personal taste.

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