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Which is the right suitcase for Casual Travellers?
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Which is the right suitcase for Casual Travellers?

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There are certainly no hard and fast rules about the perfect suitcase for your circumstances, however we have noticed that our customers will typically fall into one of four categories; the casual traveller, the business traveller, the adventure traveller and the backpacker. Here are our top picks for these 4 types of travellers.


The Casual Traveller

Casual travellers will typically have one main holiday per year up to 3 weeks and a couple of smaller getaways throughout the year. Whilst casual travellers may travel domestically or internationally and may have a huge variety of trips planned, the key thing is they are flying in, checking into a hotel and pretty much staying in the one spot before flying home – or they may move around two or three locations, but each location will be hotel style accommodation.

The vast majority of our customers are casual travellers, we advise the casual traveller to think beyond just the one trip and buy something that will suit them for up to 5 years if not longer. They key factors we tell them to think about are:

  • Soft or hard – this is personal preference!

  • Budget – casual travellers don’t need to buy top of the line luggage, normally it doesn’t get used enough to justify the cost. However you should invest in a reputable brand with a solid warranty and solid construction. We recommend spending between $150 – $300.

  • Size – where possible we push people toward medium suitcases, they are easier to manage when you need to lift them and fit in car boots more easily (important to consider as your next trip may be a road trip!), they are also easier to store at home. If extra space is needed then you can add a cabin bag or look for one of the smaller of the large suitcases.

  • 4 Wheels – most casual travellers opt for 4 wheels, they are easy to manage through airports and hotels. Look for ‘double’ spinner wheels for more durability.

  • Suitcase features – the top features a casual traveller will use are built in locks, durable wheels, durable zips and durable handles. Also, suitcases do ensure some rough handling, major brands can be repaired more easily should any damage occur (under warranty or not).

  • Additional Luggage – For casual travellers, you don’t necessarily need a matching cabin suitcase. If you do a lot of domestic flights for the weekend or overnight, then a matching cabin suitcase is ideal, it will serve you well for all trips. If your other mini-trips away are car trips or a bit of a mix, also consider a duffel bag or weekender style bag. Just look for a model with a loop on it so it can slide over your suitcase trolley handle when being used together.

  • Accessories – casual travellers will generally need locks (if not built in); travel adaptors; a toiletry bag; luggage organisers, waterproof bags or plastic bags and a neck pillow as the key essentials.

Carry on Suitcase

Lock Luggage Bag

Zipper Luggage Bag

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