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How To Check The Quality Of The Suitcase?
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How To Check The Quality Of The Suitcase?

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When you're shopping for luggage, quality is one thing to look out for. So how can you check whether the luggage is of high quality?

1. Check the zippers on the luggage.

The zipper is a point that needs to be paid attention to when choosing a suitcase. You don't want the zippers to burst when you're trying to fit extra items in your suitcase! To avoid this, you need to check the safety of the zippers of the suitcase. Please test the zipper a few times to make sure it opens and closes easily and that the teeth of the zipper snap together evenly. Make sure to check that the zipper doesn't have any gaps or holes, as the zipper will weaken at these points/gaps.

2. Check the handle

It is also important that the handles of the luggage are flexible and strong. When you pick up your suitcase, you want the handles to be firm and flexible so you can carry it comfortably. 

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If you find that the handle of your suitcase is particularly wobbly or feels loose, this may indicate that it is not securely attached to the suitcase, and you need to check if the stitching is tight and not frayed or inaccurate in any way. The telescoping handle can be used to turn the suitcase, you need to make sure it extends to the right length for you to walk comfortably. The best telescoping handles are rigid, lock securely into place, and have a control button.

3. Check the wheels

Give the suitcase's wheels a spin to make sure they roll smoothly without rattling or feeling stiff. You can also shake the wheels slightly by hand to make sure they are firmly attached.

4. Check the inside of the suitcase

The outside dimensions of a suitcase are very important, but so is the inside of the suitcase. When shopping for luggage, make sure the interior is roomy enough for your requirements and has a comfortable interior for valuables. In addition, it is very important to check the internal quality characteristics of the luggage. Start by making sure the inner lining is in good condition and not torn or thinned. Internal zippers should not have sliders attached as this could damage clothing placed in the luggage. The zipper should function well, but also be small and not interfere with the contents of the luggage. Features like packing straps and mesh pockets inside the suitcase help to pack in a more organized manner. These are the points you can pay attention to when looking at the inside of the suitcase.

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