Zhejiang Bubule Bags Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is one of the few large-sized registered domestic manufacturing enterprises specialized in injection moulding bags. We produce suitcases, draw-bar boxes, dressing cases, briefcases and so on. Our products have full range of sizes and good quantity.We are key industrial enterprise in Wenzhou and recommended... ...

  • In 1997

    the company's predecessor Wenling Bubule Bags Co., Ltd. was set up in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province and began to produce hard box and soft box.

  • In 1999

    We formally registered 'Bule' trademark and started to manufacture and R&D hard box entirely.

  • In 2002

    our company changed name to Taizhou Bubule Bags Co., Ltd. we started to conduct import and export trades and established stable and long-term relationships with many domestic customers.

  • In 2005

    The company formally changed its name to Zhejiang Bubule Bags Co., Ltd. and became one of the domestic leading injection-moulded bag production enterprises. We did OEM for many brands of domestic and foreign companies

  • In 2008

    We registered 'Bubule' trademark and in the same year, our exports were up to one hundred million, then we were in the leading position.

  • In 2010

    We opened many stores in Zhejiang to drive the bussiness of bricks-and-mortar store. We were popular in customers for fashion appearance and high quality.

  • In 2011

    We expanded our business into e-Commerce market and opened up a new channel. At the same time, we passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification and ISO14001 Environment Management System certification.

  • In 2014

    We opened many stores in many areas including Guangdong to expand the range of offline business.

Industry spot in New River Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province

(central switchboard)

+83-576-86595189(sales department)



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