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Do you really store suitcases?
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Do you really store suitcases?

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1.I don't like to pack skin care products into bottles. It is difficult to clean after one use. The second time, the bottles are full of bacteria. The suggested method is: ①Pour the make-up remover on a cotton pad to absorb it and put it in a sealed bag, which is equivalent to a cleansing wipe, but this operation is only suitable for short trips of a few days. ②Use a straw to pack the toner, first heat it with an iron or a hair stick, then seal one end, pour the liquid, and then seal the other end. ③Lotions are stored in the suitcase by storing samples of daily skin care products. It is also OK to buy a squeeze hose, which does not have a tube and nozzle, and can be washed thoroughly. ④Shampoo and shower gel come in a three-piece mini pack, buy the one.

2. To separate cosmetics, buy a large transparent zipper bag, cushion the bottom with a mask, separate the cosmetics with a mask, and put a layer of cotton pad on the top for perfect collision prevention.

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3. Clothing: ①Roll up towels and put them in the storage bag. There are numbers on the three-piece suit to distinguish: small towels, medium quilt cover + pajamas, and large clothes, which correspond exactly to each other. ②It is recommended that people with envelope-type quilts get in and sleep in to keep the dirt away. The luggage must be ③The storage string of underwear and socks are packed separately in small drawstring bags, so that the soft and small ones are respectively tucked in the gaps of the suitcase Fill and squeeze every inch of space.

4. Storage of digital products: No socket heads, only data cables with 3 interfaces, and a USB row.

5. There are pens + small notebooks in the travel document storage bag, sometimes for asking directions for drawing and writing. Temporary supplies such as bills and maps are placed in the compartment, and coins and other small objects are placed in the zipper bag.

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6. Accompanying items are very mobile, so I don't recommend anything. Small pill box: You can use the commonly used medicine when you go out. It is recommended to use a small cigarette box with a push-open lid for storage. The advantage is one-handed operation and pressure resistance.

The luggage list is different for everyone. It is recommended to list the checklist according to the needs before going out, so that you will not miss it when packing.

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