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Wholesale Luggage Sets

If you want to know more about the Wholesale Luggage Sets, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Wholesale Luggage Sets industry. More news about Wholesale Luggage Sets, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Wholesale Luggage Sets information!
  • Why Buy A Luggage With Expandability
    Why Buy A Luggage With Expandability

    Generally speaking, expandable features are some of the essential elements when shopping for luggage. So why does expandability matter when choosing a suitcase?

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  • What Luggage Can't Be Brought When Traveling Abroad?
    What Luggage Can't Be Brought When Traveling Abroad?

    When traveling abroad, many people will bring a variety of items, in addition to daily clothes, there may be some fruits, food, etc. But do you know that there are many things that cannot be brought?

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  • How To Clean Your Luggage
    How To Clean Your Luggage

    Luggage is an essential item for us to travel or go on business, so do you know how to clean the luggage if it is dirty?

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  • Is There a Role For Trolley Case Covers When Luggage Is Checked In?
    Is There a Role For Trolley Case Covers When Luggage Is Checked In?

    With the improvement of the standard of living, people's travel needs more and more frequent, trolley case made to become a business trip, travel, visiting relatives, school trips and other necessary items, people choose to take the plane or train or car and other different modes of transport, in the journey of travel trolley case box cover has no use?

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  • What Is The Best Material For Luggage?
    What Is The Best Material For Luggage?

    There is a wide range of luggage on the market, so you need to choose different materials for different purposes, so what kind of luggage is better and more popular? Let BUBULE analyse the various materials for you.

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  • How Do I Choose a Trolley Case That Suits Me?
    How Do I Choose a Trolley Case That Suits Me?

    Consumers in the purchase of travel suitcases, the first should check the appearance of the box, that is, whether the box is circumferential, box corner is symmetrical, can be placed upright or upside down on the ground, check whether the box is four feet on the ground, not skewed, and check whether the box surface is flat, there is no scratch, crack, pay special attention to the box shell (above, below) the four corners to be symmetrical. Open the box, check the mouth of the box, the mouth of the box to match each other, the gap should be small, to close the seam, the hinges turn flexible, no card block, kema (buckle) to close, buckle, open, the box should be glued firmly, the textile fabric shall not have jumped silk, cracked pie phenomenon. The handle (mop) should be firmly installed and should not be loose. The pull rod should be free to stretch, have a certain strength, stretch rod and fixed rod with moderate, expansion can not be too large, the locking button of the pull rod pres

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  • How To Identify The Material Of a Trolley Case
    How To Identify The Material Of a Trolley Case

    Trolley luggage refers to luggage with trolley bars and rollers. It is widely used because it is easy to use. At the same time, the trolley bar is also due to the box set a trolley bar, there is a single tube trolley bar and double tube trolley bar, trolley bar tube also has a square tube and round tube points, in order to facilitate walking when dragging, greatly reducing the burden. The trolley can be handheld or dragged, the wheels of the trolley we usually use are basically located at the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of trolley, the box is designed into the shape of a cylinder, the wheels are outsourced to the outside of the box, such a roller design makes this trolley can be better adapted to different terrain, such as directly pulling the box can easily go up and down the stairs. 2012 The main materials used are cloth cases, ABS hard cases, leather cases and PC, and the usability is divided into three main categories: directional wheels, universal

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