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Why Buy A Luggage With Expandability
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Why Buy A Luggage With Expandability

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Generally speaking, expandable features are some of the essential elements when shopping for luggage. So why does expandability matter when choosing a suitcase?

1. About the capacity

The luggage space needs to have more flexibility, and it also needs to have a telescopic heightened layer. For example, if the capacity of the suitcase is instantly expanded by about 5CM, the volume can be increased by about 16%. An expandable hard case suitcase is an excellent option if you are going on a shopping trip.

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2. About the weight

For a general trolley case, if you press the box frame with your hand, it feels a little hard. It was made of hard plastic with a hole in the middle like a honeycomb. Such boxes will be easily cracked and oxidized after a hot and a cold weather. For the expandable trolley case, the inner layer is made of imported EVA foam material, because EVA has the properties of softness, water resistance, good elasticity, and chemical corrosion resistance. The circumference of the box is fixed with steel wire, which makes the box light and firm, so the soft box is also lighter when the luggage is weighed, leaving more space for the luggage.

3. About the temperature

In the north or when it is cold in winter, the hard case is easy to crack after being frozen outside, while the soft case is not affected by the temperature. But if you are in the south, you don't have to worry about the problem of the luggage being frozen.

4. About the storage

The characteristics of the expandable suitcases make them more suitable for places with small storage space, such as student dormitories, work dormitories, etc.

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