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What should I do if the suitcase wheels are broken?
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What should I do if the suitcase wheels are broken?

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A few days ago, we conducted a survey on the attention of suitcase users. According to the results of the survey, the order of several points of concern for the suitcase is: whether the wheels are durable; whether the tie rod is free; whether the box is strong; Is the zipper smooth?


From the survey results, people's attention to the suitcase and whether the wheels are durable are ranked first.

From a professional point of view, during the travel process, the wheels will gradually heat up with friction with the ground. If the quality of the material is not good for a long time, it will be easily deformed, and even lead to wheel loss, peeling and other phenomena. Therefore, the quality of the rubber material of the wheel itself is very important. The easiest way to judge whether the rubber is good or bad is to pinch it by hand. Some wheels are hard enough to pinch, which means that the deviation of the rubber material will lead to no mute; some If you pinch it too soft, it may cause the wheels to be unable to resist the high temperature, and the ground will stick to the ground when friction and temperature rise and the walking will be uneven. The Shutila suitcase "Chuanxing" anti-fall flagship wheel, pinched hard to have a clear sense of flexibility, and quickly returned to its original state after leaving the hand, so that it is quiet and wear-resistant, but also resistant to high temperatures, the material is slightly different See it now.


In addition, the bearings inside the link wheels are divided into many grades. For the bearings, it is important that if you pursue high precision, you must open a high-precision mold for custom parts production. If the precision of the mold is not high, it is impossible Made of high-definition accessories, the combination of wheels cannot guarantee smoothness and durability, and it is impossible to mention anti-fall. Bearings of different grades will make the suitcase have a very different feeling during use. Whether the wrist is relaxed during the implementation is one of the important details of the experience.


Back to the question itself, it is also the most concerned issue: what should I do if the wheel is broken? How to fix it?

Give everyone a few suggestions:

1. Choose a suitcase to choose brand goods.

It doesn't have to be a big brand, but it is durable and guaranteed after sale. In particular, choose three bearings with sealed and dust-proof universal wheels, which can not only ensure the smoothness of the wheels and the degree of wear resistance, but also have after-sales protection.


2. The posture of using the suitcase should be correct.

The box of the universal wheel is recommended to be pushed flat. The way of dragging the wheel holder is easy to disconnect. The wheel holder will rub against the ground and it will be easier to damage the wheel. But if the wheels themselves are strong and durable, there is no need to worry about such problems.


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