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What is the use of the protective cover of the suitcase?
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What is the use of the protective cover of the suitcase?

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1. Prevent scratches.

Preventing scratches on the outside of the box not only prevents scratches on the outside, but also prevents scratches during violent mailing.

2. Prevent rain.

It is inevitable to go out or encounter bad weather. The suitcase cover can protect the suitcase from rain in the weather in summer.

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3. Easy to identify.

Simple distinction. When you arrive at your destination and wait for your suitcase, you will be able to distinguish your suitcase.

According to the material of the luggage protective cover, there are non-woven fabrics and stretch fabrics. The advantage of non-woven fabric is that it is waterproof and cheap, but the disadvantage is that it is not durable. It is more suitable for one trip or used as a dust cover. The advantage of stretch cloth is that it is beautiful and fits well with the box, but the disadvantage is that it is expensive and not waterproof.

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Extended information:

1.Choose the type of trolley case according to the distance you travel and what you carry.

The hard case is made of plastic, which is easy to age, but is moisture-proof and impact-resistant, suitable for long-distance travel; the soft case is mostly made of Oxford cloth, which is easy to enter water, but has a long time of use and has a certain degree of expansion, suitable for short trips.

2. Choose the size of the trolley case according to the travel mode.

When going out on an airplane, the box you carry must not be larger than 21 inches, otherwise you must go through the check-in procedures.

3. Focus on checking the quality of the wheels.

Since the consignment will inevitably encounter rough handling, it is easy to damage the wheels, so you should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels. The wheels have bearings, in this way, the noise can be reduced, and it is stronger.

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