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What is the strap pulled out of the luggage?
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What is the strap pulled out of the luggage?

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A fixed strap in the luggage.

1. Luggages are mostly of fixed size, and certain luggage items can be accommodated in the space. There are usually fixed straps in the box, depending on how much luggage you have to decide whether to use it

2. If the luggage is stuffed into the suitcase, the fixed belt can be pressed on the bottom of the suitcase

3. If there are few luggage items and cannot be packed in the suitcase, the fixing belt will play the role of fixing the luggage, fixing the luggage and even valuables in the box

4. The fixed luggage items are not easy to sway in the process of dragging the suitcase and bump the inner wall of the suitcase. It can protect luggage items, especially valuables, when the luggage is placed unsteadily or falls down during pushing.

5. There are different styles of fixed belts, one is a telescopic adjustment belt like belts and schoolbag belts, and there are also X-shaped buckle-type fixing belts

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