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What is the difference between ABS luggage, PP luggage and PC luggage?
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What is the difference between ABS luggage, PP luggage and PC luggage?

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The material is light and lightweight, but it is resistant to falling, compression and impact, and has good toughness.

The heat and cold resistance are good, and the box will not crack due to temperature changes.

It is easy to produce bright colors, fashionable and novel appearance, winning the favor of young people and fashion people.

Easy to clean, under normal circumstances, with a damp rag or fine brush to lightly brush, you can complete the basic cleaning work.



The PC trolley case of the same size is much lighter than the ABS trolley case!

The PC trolley box has high strength and elasticity. After the PC box is impacted, the depression can gradually rebound to return to the prototype. For this reason, PC material has also been selected as the main material for aircraft cabin covers. Its light weight solves the problem of load bearing, and its toughness improves the impact resistance of the aircraft.

The PC trolley case has high heat resistance and will not crack due to temperature changes.

The transparency of the PC trolley case is up to 90%, and it can be dyed freely.



The PP material is a translucent material, so the color of the pp trolley case may be relatively simple, and the inside and outside of the box body are the same color.

The surface of the PP trolley case is harder, which can effectively prevent scratches caused by bumps, and has good impact resistance and water resistance.

portable travel bag or a suitcase

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PP luggage case color blank color blank is a common problem in the injection molding process. It shows that the color of the box is uneven and there is localized whitening.


There are few trolley luggage bags with wide rods on the market, because the wide rods will make the luggage unbalanced.This problem is related to the structure of the tie rod. The working principle of the trolley is as follows: it is actually a tube with pistons at both ends, which are the same as


Pay attention to functionality when choosing a suitcase trolley caseTie rod: To choose the built-in, the material must be steel, because the external tie rods and wheels cannot adapt to the brutal loading and unloading of each flight.Box: A steel frame is required, and the fabric is preferably rain-


A few days ago, we conducted a survey on the attention of suitcase users. According to the results of the survey, the order of several points of concern for the suitcase is: whether the wheels are durable; whether the tie rod is free; whether the box is strong; Is the zipper smooth?From the survey r


Black and white ash will inevitably be a bit dull for a long time, especially in the spring and summer season when the sun is against it, there is always a little rigid. So you can try the following colors!

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How to choose children's trolleyMany parents may have such a question: Is it necessary to prepare a child's suitcase for the child when traveling with the child? Although an extra suitcase may be a little more burdensome, because sometimes children will inevitably be tired and unwilling to pull the

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