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What good things should be in the perfect suitcase of a traveler?
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What good things should be in the perfect suitcase of a traveler?

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1.Luggage makes people embarrassed

Travelers who frequently travel on business probably suffer the most from dragging a heavy suitcase, rushing to the plane with large bags and small bags, breaking their legs every time, and tossing hard.

On the way, too heavy and cumbersome luggage will definitely become a helpless burden. An experienced flying trapeze will surely trade the least and most streamlined equipment for comfort and convenience during the trip.

But the exquisite urbanites always have too many things to bring with them. After packing, they find that the suitcase cannot be closed, and their mentality will really collapse.

Therefore, those that can be easily put in a suitcase, do not occupy space, are light and convenient, and are ideal travel goods.

Travel luggage

2. The hotel is a headache

In addition to the problem of too much luggage and too scattered, travellers often need to stay in hotels, how to maintain personal cleanliness in the hotel, and how to continue to maintain their daily quality of life on the road, has also become a headache.

In recent years, hotel sanitation problems have occurred frequently, which has led to the emergence of all kinds of mind-boggling business travel artifacts.

Travel luggage

As a traveler, you can recommend the following good things: foldable kettle, disposable sleeping bag, disposable toilet pad, travel bathtub cover, portable clothes line, foldable slippers, quick-drying towel, etc. These good things are not only convenient It's still hygienic, and it doesn't take up the space of the suitcase. Do you want to try it right away and have a trip? Countless travellers have been forced to become turtle hair, obsessive-compulsive disorder with cleanliness, or Virgo himself. Everyone really worked very hard to stay refined when traveling on business.

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