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What are the requirements for a good trolley luggage?
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What are the requirements for a good trolley luggage?

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The appearance of the trolley luggage has brought great convenience to people, and at the same time has given us a faster quality of life. At the same time, this trolley luggage is full of the taste of the journey, making the trolley case an indispensable part of the trip, has become the consensus of travelers. It is not easy to buy a high-quality trolley luggage, so what are the important factors for measuring a high-quality trolley luggage? Let's take a look at it together!

1. Universal wheel

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Many brand bags are equipped with universal wheels, which can be pushed and translated. Compared to two-wheel bags that can only be pulled on one side, the use of universal wheels is relatively more convenient. During the trial, you should know whether the luggage walking wheel rotates flexibly, and you should try to buy a pulley with bearings.

2.The internal division

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Is there a clear layering inside the luggage, such as dry and wet layering, folding clothes bag, hanging zipper bag, file storage, laptop bag and other areas, we can choose products with obvious intervals according to our needs.

3. Tie rod

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Tie rods are just as important as pulleys. If the tie rods are disconnected during the journey, it is really enough. The big brands of trolley cases are mainly made of lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum alloy. Some products also have a 360° rotating handle design.

4. Password lock

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There are various forms of combination locks, in addition to fixed combination locks, to ensure the safety of the items in the bag. In addition, you can go to buy an external security lock, you can choose TSA luggage combination lock, airport security personnel can use special tools to open this type of combination lock without damaging the lock.

5. Protection

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Waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-scratch, anti-fouling... High-end bags are more and more like Transformers. For users who often travel overseas or travel long distances, it is recommended to buy products with excellent anti-collision effect when buying large-sized bags. It is important to know that during the consignment process, the bags are often treated harshly. If the items in the bags are intact, Hard bags are preferred. For short trips, anti-fouling and waterproof soft bags are more suitable. In addition to being small and compact, you can take it with you on the plane and avoid the trouble of shipping. These bags can also be equipped with external computer bags, which is also very convenient to use.

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