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What are the luggage casters?
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What are the luggage casters?

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There are many types of trolley luggage casters, and the following are generally summarized on the market:

(1) One-way wheel:
It can only be pushed in one direction. The advantage is suitable for various road conditions. The disadvantage is that it can only be moved in one direction and turned. It is generally used on cloth or leather boxes.

(2) Single round universal wheel
It can be rotated 360 degrees, it is easier and more convenient to pull up on a flat road, and it can be pushed sideways when passing through a narrow place in an airport or a station. The disadvantage is that it cannot be oriented, and special scenes such as slopes are not fixed.

(3) Aircraft wheel
Because this kind of wheel is very similar to the wheel of an aircraft, it is named as an aircraft wheel. There is also a type of aircraft wheel universal wheel called aircraft mute wheel. Aircraft wheels are eight wheels, generally made of rubber. Because of the eight sides, the stability is very good, and the sound is very low when pushed. The disadvantage is that the ground contact area is larger and the friction is greater.

(4) Brake wheel

As the name implies, the brake wheel has a brake function. The brake wheel is improved on the basis of the universal pulley. Especially when going downhill, the brake can reflect the effect.

(5) Shock absorbing wheels

Shock absorbing wheels, also known as spring wheels, have only become popular in the past two years. It prevents the wheels from being damaged due to vibration when working on uneven ground, and also reduces the vibration of opponents.

(6) Disassembly wheel
The disassembly wheel can separate the wheel from the box body, which is convenient for wheel replacement and reduction of packaging space. Some disassembly wheels also change the color of the wheel according to the customer's preference.

(7) Shock absorption + brake wheel
Damping + brake wheel adds braking function on the basis of the damping wheel, which plays a great role on the uneven downhill ground.

Summary: If the ground is flat, it is recommended to use aircraft wheels, universal wheels, and brake wheels. If it is a rough road surface in towns and towns, it is recommended to use one-way wheels, shock absorption wheels, or shock absorption + brake wheels.

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