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What To Do If The Airline Lost Your Luggage?
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What To Do If The Airline Lost Your Luggage?

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When you get off the plane and happily go to get your luggage, you find that your suitcase is lost, which is very annoying, so what should you do when the airline loses your luggage?

1. File a claim immediately

Don't assume your luggage will arrive on the next flight. You must file a claim immediately to get the attention of staff, and subsequent compensation, which helps to start a claim. Be sure to have all your information ready, including the locator number, flight number and the color, shape, size, manufacturer and any distinguishing features of your luggage. This will help to find your luggage.

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2. Get the staff's attention.

Get the attention of the staff at the baggage office at the airport and have them find your suitcase for you as quickly as possible. Remember that when you communicate with the staff, don't have a bad attitude, but you must be strong, and you must not let the other party think that you can be treated casually.

3. Itemize everything

Airlines rarely return luggage to passengers within 48 hours. Most bags that fall into the delayed bag category are returned to the passenger within 3-7 days. Keep receipts for all your purchases until your suitcase is received. For delayed, lost or damaged baggage on a flight, the airline must reimburse you the corresponding amount.

4. Use the concierge service

If you have access to high-end concierge services through an elite credit card, travel loyalty program, or corporate travel account, remember to use your concierge service after your suitcase goes missing.

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