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What Should You Do If You Forget The Password Of The Suitcase?
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What Should You Do If You Forget The Password Of The Suitcase?

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Luggage is an essential item for travel and business trips. But when we use the suitcase, we must have encountered the situation of forgetting the password of the suitcase. So, the luggage password is forgotten, what should you do?

1. Use the right hand to turn the combination lock switch to the open direction, slowly rotate the combination from the leftmost digit, when you feel the right hand move slightly, then move to the second digit, and then continue until it is opened.

2. One of the most practical methods is to find a lock-picking company to unlock the lock, which is both safe and convenient.

3. Although this method is not very reliable, it can be used in emergencies, that is, use a hammer to open it. Although this method is more extreme, it is also a method, isn't it?

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4. If you don't want to try the above methods, then you can try to crack the password of the trolley case. To crack the password, you must first find the gap in the gap between the three digital password gears in the password suitcase, and then add or subtract a certain value to the corresponding number at the gap to get the password to open the suitcase.

The most critical part of the combination lock is the convex part and the concave part of this component. After adjusting the number plate, when the concave and convex parts are just combined, the lock can be opened normally.

The first step is to lay the suitcase flat, and the height is at the same level as the eye position, that is, the position of the password wheel. Find a strong flashlight and shine it on the position of the combination wheel. When the cipher wheel is mobilized, it will be found that there is an obvious gap under the cipher wheel. The three cipher wheels have this gap position. Find all the gaps first. Generally, the gaps will be a little to the left. When the gaps of the three combination wheels are found, adjust them to the same orientation, then add 3 or 8 or minus 5 to the numbers on the three combination wheels, and then pull the unlock key to unlock the combination lock. If it is not opened, then add one to nine in turn, and if not, subtract it once, and you can open it up to 20 times.

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