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What Luggage Can't Be Brought When Traveling Abroad?
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What Luggage Can't Be Brought When Traveling Abroad?

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When traveling abroad, many people will bring a variety of items, in addition to daily clothes, there may be some fruits, food, etc. But do you know that there are many things that cannot be brought, otherwise you may be detained by customs or repatriated, so do you know what luggage cannot be brought when traveling abroad?

1. Meat.

Whether it is raw meat or jerky, chicken or beef, as long as it is meat, you must not bring it. But dried seafood such as dried squid and small shrimp can be brought. However, hairy crabs and dairy products cannot be brought, and most areas also prohibit food containing raw eggs.

2. Fruits and vegetables

As for fruits and vegetables, any fresh fruits and vegetables are not allowed. However, dried fruits and nuts such as red dates, wolfberry, small walnuts, and hawthorn slices are fine.

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3. Plants

All plants and plant seeds are strictly prohibited, including soil. In addition, handicrafts such as straw hats and wood carvings made of plants must also be declared to the customs and inspected.

4. Medicines

Generally speaking, medicines are very troublesome products, many of which cannot be carried, so try not to bring them if you can. Of course, if you must bring it, you must also pay attention to whether the ingredients of the medicine contain prohibited ingredients.

5. Ceramic tableware

For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that carriers send pottery cutlery from China, Mexico and India for testing to make sure the lead content meets safe standards. Besides, these are not only easy to break, but also troublesome to go through the immigration procedures, so it is best not to bring them.

6. Items protected by intellectual property rights.

For example, software from Microsoft, CDs of blockbuster movies, and brand-name bags from cottages are not allowed.

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