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What If Your Luggage Is Lost While Traveling By Plane?
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What If Your Luggage Is Lost While Traveling By Plane?

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The most worrying thing about traveling is our suitcase, which contains everything we need.

But in the process of taking the plane, we always encounter the situation that the luggage is lost or damaged, so what should we do at this time?

First of all, when the luggage is lost, it is necessary to distinguish the responsible party. If the luggage is lost due to the passenger's own fault, the airline reserves the right not to pay for it.

There are three types of liability for passengers:

1. Failure to check in and check in luggage on time;

2. There are prohibited items in the checked baggage;

3. There are valuables in checked luggage, such as cash, bills, important documents, etc.

In addition to the above three situations, if the luggage is lost, it can be regarded as the responsibility of the airline. At this point we need to find an airline.

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1. Identify the responsible person

According to the airline's "Terminal Compensation Law", the airline that takes the terminal is responsible for the compensation in the event of lost luggage for passengers who have made multiple transfers. Passengers should go to the baggage enquiry counter at the airport for consultation and declaration immediately if there is any problem with their luggage. This desk is generally located in the customs hall, near the baggage claim area. After finding the staff, show your checked baggage receipt and check the whereabouts of your baggage through the "Global Baggage Inquiry System". In the event of lost or delayed luggage, the passenger must contact the local airline office within 21 days from the date the luggage is delivered to the recipient.

2. Receive delayed baggage registration number

Whether or not your bag is found on this enquiry, you will be given a "Delayed Baggage Registration Number". Using this number, you can check the current baggage status on the airline's official website and modify the baggage delivery information and contact information if necessary.

3. Find the right place to wait

If you've determined that your luggage is somewhere and will arrive at your airport within a few hours, you can choose to wait for it at the airport. If the whereabouts of your luggage is temporarily undetermined, or if your luggage is identified but cannot be delivered on the same day, you can leave a delivery address and contact information before leaving the airport first. In either case, it is important to make sure you have a "Delayed Baggage Registration Number" before leaving the airport.

4. Get Compensation

According to the different procedures of the airline you are flying, if the lost luggage has not been received after a certain period of time, you need to prepare for the loss of luggage and enter the compensation procedure.

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