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What Are The Functions Of Smart Luggage?
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What Are The Functions Of Smart Luggage?

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Luggage is an indispensable item for traveling. With the development of intelligence, there are now all kinds of smart suitcases. So do you know what functions are available in smart suitcases?

1. Fingerprint recognition

The smart suitcase features a digital biometric lock. To open the suitcase, users need to unlock with their own fingerprints, or unlock with the companion app.

2. Positioning system

The smart suitcase has a positioning system, and users can view the real-time location of the suitcase through the App. In addition, a safe distance can be set. Once the suitcase exceeds the safe distance, both the mobile app and the suitcase will immediately send an alarm reminder.

3. Distance detection

Smart luggage has a built-in distance sensor. When waiting for luggage at the airport conveyor belt, when the suitcase is close to the user, the mobile phone will receive a reminder message to help the user quickly find his suitcase in the vast sea of boxes.

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4. Bluetooth Speaker

The smart luggage is also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which users can use to make hands-free calls and listen to music in hotels.

5. Built-in weighing function

Sensors are installed in the four rollers of the smart suitcase, which can bear the weight of the luggage. Users can check the weight of the luggage through the mobile app. This way, users don't have to worry about being overweight.

6. Equipped with power bank

The suitcase has a built-in lithium battery, which can be used as a mobile power supply. With several USB charging ports, you can charge your electronic devices at any time.

The appearance of the smart suitcase is not much different from the traditional boarding suitcase, but it has more functions, so if your budget is sufficient, the smart suitcase is also a very good choice.

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