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Trolley luggage maintenance method
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Trolley luggage maintenance method

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1. The lever is broken

When the lever cannot be smoothly elastic, avoid pulling out or earning with brute force. Forced force will cause the lever to simply get stuck. When stuck, the average user will continue to use brute force. This gesture will only make the lever more dead. , Making it unusable and delaying travel. The correct method should be to add engine oil or vegetable oil to the joint of the tie rod. Basically, this problem is very simple to deal with by smoothing.

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2. The pulley of the trolley box is broken

The pulley is stuck and loosened. If the pulley feels obviously unsmooth when the trolley box is towed, it is also time to apply lubricant to the wheel bearings. When the wheels are loose and may fall off, please do not continue to use the damaged wheels to drag, use the wheels on the other side, or walk directly with the box. If conditions permit, use the appropriate tools to tighten the screws of the wheels. If the screws fall off, you can easily find what you need by seeing if there are people or stores near the site who are engaged in luggage maintenance.

3. The box body of the trolley case is broken

When the cabinet is damaged, things tend to be worse. If it is a hard case, the damaged part is only a small crack, and if it is not serious, you can use some universal glue, AB glue, etc. on the market to repair it yourself. The rupture of the soft box needs to be repaired by a maintenance office. What needs to be weighed is that after the brand boxes are repaired by themselves, I am afraid that they can no longer be guaranteed.

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