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Traveling is not only poetry and distance, but also luggage
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Traveling is not only poetry and distance, but also luggage

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The tourist season is coming, has your little heart already flew far away~ But how can you go out without a beautiful suitcase? ! Luggage should also catch up with the fashion. I heard that you want to lift the suitcase and have a walk-away trip. Go to the romantic Turkey, Tokyo, Paris? A good journey requires a good suitcase to accompany you all the way, giving you a more comfortable journey, how to choose a suitable suitcase? Let me tell you.

1. Shell-shaped trolley suitcase

This suitcase has a smooth and beautiful surface, green fashion, which brings a sense of fashion, cute shell shape, a little round and a little chubby, most suitable for fashionable and cute girls.

Travel luggage

2. Retro style trolley suitcase

This suitcase comes with a trolley, which is very convenient when moving the suitcase. You can just pull it and go. And with a box lock, give you a sense of strength and security, not afraid of others stealing your own things.

It is said that this unique shape was designed based on the inspiration of a retro small sports car.

Travel luggage

3. Net red trolley suitcase

The luggage case has clear lines, simple and stylish. The internal structure of this luggage case is very comprehensive. There are pockets for mobile phones, documents, and computers. There is no need to worry about the capacity, and there is no need to worry about the box not being able to fit.

If you like to travel, you must be full of literary and artistic styles. The style of the Republic of China, Chinese style, and all kinds of literary and artistic styles of clothing can only be used for the best occasion.

Travel luggage

When it arrives at the destination, it can immediately become the net celebrity in your beautiful photos.

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