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Top 8 quarantine survival tips from famous travel bloggers
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Top 8 quarantine survival tips from famous travel bloggers

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Some countries started relaxing the restrictions, some are still planning to do it but it is certain that the way we live is not going to be the same as before the pandemic crisis. In our pursuit of better understanding the impact on the travel industry we wanted to have also some subjective perspectives from people with a notable authority in this domain, besides our surveys that helps us analyze the quantitative data regarding the same impact.

Imagine you have been traveling for years now and you barely use your homeplace more than for keeping your stuff and ID address. Imagine your home in the last several years was a hotel room or an Airbnb in different parts of this amazing world and all of a sudden you have to forget about meeting all these new people and stay inside. It feels different than just switching from your cube to your living room, right?

As travelers ourselves, we do understand the mental (and physical, of course) change that has to be coped with by all the travel bloggers around the world so we couldn`t just put them in some other basket and move forward: We asked them how they adapted to staying inside, what are their advice for other travelers in regards to ease the process and how they see the future of the travel industry from the inside. For sure they are the right ones to be asked about this if you really want to understand the impact on the travel industry and not get only some corporate answers that you can read everywhere around the web.

We got 22 replies from some of the most important travel bloggers in the recent times and we are sharing below their entire answers. But before that we are summarizing some conclusions that might interest the savvys, wanderers, nomads, wanderlusts, adventurers and all the other star-nature-people-cities-gazing eyes:

How to adapt

In the beginning, everyone thought we will be inside just for a short period of time. But then we started understand the dimension of this new reality. Full time traveler or just a vacation explorer, everybody had to find solutions that help in coping with this brand new lifestyle. Taking it easy, building different routines, catching up with family and friends and tons of binging are natural solutions embraced by most of those who answered. Going back through older photos, taking care of backlogs and back-of-the-head projects, even learning how to cut hair or trying recipes from the visited countries are also interesting approaches. It is obviously not easy to stay inside after years of new faces everyday, but when it is so important to flatten the curve, everyone is paying the effort and the whole world is benefiting from it.

Advices for other travel passionates

The general vibe is definitely aligned to „the marathon principle” and Stefan is putting it into words quite nicely: „Living the current situation is like running a marathon and hitting the wall when you reach 30-35km. Start focusing on the next 2km, don’t even think how can you ever make it to 42km. Similarly, focus on the next two weeks of lockdown, don’t think about when this crazy time is going to finish. We will all make it ;-)”

But to keep it practical, here is a list of top 8 survival tips in times when traveling cannot be a main part of the life anymore:

    • Focus on today, not on the long run

    • Read the news only once/twice a day

    • Listen to a different radio station from around the world every day

    • Edit old photographs and print them via online services with door-to-door delivery

  • Sit down, close your eyes and breath in. It`s okay to have some not-very-productive days as well

  • Apply what you know best: Life, just like a plane trip, also has turbulence sometimes. But any traveler knows that this will not stop him from reaching his destination

  • If your job allows you to work from home, think of this period as a great way to save some money that you’ll later use on a fabulous trip

  • Use this time to better understand who are you within any space, be it a foreign country or your own living room

How travel will look like after COVID-19


Everybody is expecting a notable increase in domestic trips and our statistics are also showing that 44% of the April survey worldwide respondents truly consider postponing international travel for a while in favor of trips inside the countries they are living in. Avoiding crowded places and focus more on nature is another trend expected by most of the travel experts and extra-hygiene measures will definitely be taken by businesses and individuals as well.

Here are is a list of 12 predictions extracted from the travel bloggers` answers:

    • Sustainability will be seen as a competitive quality for a travel brand and consumers will choose only to share their limited disposable income with companies that align with their values

    • There may be a reduction in business travel (did that meeting really need to be in person?) and we’ll likely see more flexible flight/hotel cancellation policies

    • Countries that handled the situation well may be rewarded with increased tourism

    • The disinfectant gel will be a “must have” for every trolley or bag

    • The cruising industry will be hit the most

    • The foreigners can be perceived as the cause of Coronavirus outbreak in many countries, therefore genuine hospitality experienced in these places might be replaced by suspicious looks and not so friendly attitudes

    • Some nationalities can be forced to produce extensive health documents just to be allowed to travel

    • Travelers might become more intentional about who they book with because this will be the difference between a family-run business getting their livelihood back or shutting down for goodAdditional health screening at international borders

  • Airlines will offer cheap flights in order to keep market share even if it means not being profitable for a while

  • Significant changes in travel insurance, both cost-wise and terms

  • Virtual travel is going to become more mainstream, with more and more virtual reality, live streams, and virtual tours being made available online

We strongly encourage you to have a coffee or a glass of wine (or whatever suits you now) and read the full stories these travel experienced people shared with the world. Sometimes, knowing a bit more about how others are looking at the current situation adds some zoom-out to the whole process and helps us have a wider image of how our future might look like.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your read!


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