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Tips on baggage for air travel
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Tips on baggage for air travel

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Where are you going? When you are ready to fly, the two things you might worry about are how to pack all your travel necessities into your small suitcase and how to pass the security check as soon as possible. Interestingly, both of these situations depend on whether you are careful enough to pack your boarding luggage and checked luggage.

1. If you don't charge your laptop before the flight, it may be confiscated. It is not uncommon for airport security personnel to ask you to power on the equipment. If you can't turn it on, your computer may be taken away for additional checks. Because for safety reasons, it is very important to ensure that this device has not been changed or modified in order to avoid injury during the flight.

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2. Packing the electric toothbrush in your carry-on luggage may also cause you trouble during the security check. Some brands of electric toothbrushes contain lithium batteries inside, which may cause serious problems in the air. So you need to put the electric toothbrush in the checked luggage, so that you can easily pass the security scan.

3. With the help of a few plastic bags, you can improve the efficiency of packing. Roll up the clothes, carefully stuff them into the zippered plastic bag, then pull it up with only a small hole, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the air in the bag. Then close the zipper and seal it. If you have a lot of clothes, it is best to use a special compressed storage bag.

4. The safety equipment used to check checked baggage can damage the film negatives that have not been developed. If you happen to be someone who is still using film, if you don't want the film to be exposed, put the undeveloped film in the boarding suitcase. The boarding baggage scanner is not powerful, so it is unlikely to be damaged. film. But don't let your film be scanned too many times, otherwise you can only say goodbye to them. Or you can ask security personnel to conduct manual inspections.

5. If you bring your belt bag and carry-on luggage on the plane, no one will object. But if you want to bring a clutch or other type of mini bag, you may be asked to pack it into your carry-on luggage.

6. When packing your luggage, avoid wrapping things in aluminum foil. Both your boarding luggage and checked luggage will pass through the X-ray scanner. He cannot see through the aluminum foil because this material will block X-rays and is very effective. Airport security personnel can only see black spots on the screen, which is why checked luggage will be checked more thoroughly, which will take more time.

7. Although almost all airports in the world are equipped with modern security equipment, your hand luggage is still checked manually. The reason is simple. Many things look alike when scanned. This is why, if you are going through the security check, do not put music cards in your boarding luggage, because they may cause suspicion when they pass the scan. Honey, sausage or cheese may also be unsafe for security personnel.

8. If you don't have a special shoe bag to store dirty shoes, use a cheap plastic shower cap to pack your shoes. Put one shoe sole down into a shower cap so that the other things are safe.

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9. Each checked baggage has its own label with a unique barcode. The sticker contains information about your flight and destination. If you choose to leave these stickers on your suitcase after the flight, then your luggage is likely to be lost on the next journey. A special scanning system distributes passengers' luggage between several aircraft, which may be confused by several barcodes, and then sends your luggage to the wrong aircraft.

10. Never put the charger in your checked luggage. Sometimes you will get lost and imagine that your charger disappears with your luggage.

11. You can use bundling and packing to avoid wrinkles. Put some soft things in a small bag, such as underwear, socks, etc., and then wrap a larger thing outside the bag. This way your package will be neat.

12. Toilet paper is another magic weapon that is said to keep clothes without creases. Put a few sheets of toilet paper between folded clothes. Many travelers vowed to say that by minimizing pressure welding friction, this simple action can reduce clothing wrinkles.

13. When packing your luggage, stuff your shoes with socks, ties, and other small things so that you can save some precious space. At the same time, the shoes will not deform.

14. If your suitcase is made of cloth, you can use a candle to protect it from rain, snow, dirt and other problems. Make sure that the suitcase is dry and wipe it on the entire surface. candle. The wax of the candle creates a thin waterproof layer.

15. If your suitcase seems to be too small to fit, try to close everything you want to put in, and then close the zipper to compress the loaded luggage, and then close the zipper. Usually this will help you squeeze. Make more space. When you open the luggage again, there is a place to put more of your luggage, such as in the corners or edges between larger items.

16. Drying paper can help you remove the strange smell of luggage and clothes. Just put a few pieces of drying paper in your suitcase, they can not only prevent the odor from spreading, but also make your suitcase smell fresh and pleasant.

17. If you are traveling with a backpack, make sure that the center of gravity of the backpack is as stable as possible, and place heavy equipment close to the back, and should be evenly distributed around the middle of the backpack. You can use something of medium weight as a stabilizer.

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