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Tips for cleaning up luggage wheels entangled in hair
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Tips for cleaning up luggage wheels entangled in hair

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When we usually go out, we always carry a suitcase, in order to carry the things we need daily. Today's luggage is moved by universal wheels, which does not require manpower at all. However, when hair is entangled in the wheels of the suitcase, the universal wheels may not be able to rotate. At this time, it is necessary to clean the hair inside to be able to move more smoothly. So how should the hair on the wheels be cleaned up?


Tip 1: Hacksaw blade and tweezers.

Use a hacksaw blade to penetrate into the gap between the wheels of the suitcase, so that the hair is torn off with the hacksaw blade, and then clipped out one by one with tweezers, which is also very good in terms of cleaning hair. After turning the wheel a little bit, the hair can simply fall off.

Grasp such cleaning skills and requirements, all in order to clean the hair inside the universal wheel, so that it will be easier when pushing the suitcase. This method is also relatively simple, but in the process of using the hacksaw blade It is still necessary to be cautious and careful not to break the wheel.

Tip 2: Nose hair scissors.

In fact, the nose hair scissors can go deep into the gap of the wheel to clean the hair inside. The method is indeed very professional. You only need to keep turning the wheel and use the nose hair scissors to cut the hair short when you see it. It will be easier to clean up. This method may not be able to completely clean the hair inside, but at least it can easily rotate the wheels of the suitcase, and it is possible to use it flexibly. This is indeed the method. It's relatively simple and can clean more and more hair inside.


Tip 3: Remove the wheels.

After we have a more thorough understanding of the structure of the universal wheel on the suitcase, the next step is to use some tools to remove the wheel, and then the hair will automatically fall down. After the wheel is cleaned, it is directly installed, so that the upper part can be installed. His hair was cleaned up.

In terms of its details and requirements, it is to master the structural characteristics of the universal wheel skillfully, and remember how to install it firmly during the disassembly process. This is when you usually clean the hair in the universal wheel. , It is indeed very professional.

Once you usually pull the suitcase and encounter a lot of hair on the universal wheels, you still have to clean it up in time, so that it will not affect the speed of pulling the suitcase. Of course, after the hair is entangled, the above cleaning techniques should be used. After that, the effect must be very good, and the role played must be trustworthy, and it is indeed effective in terms of its methods and requirements. I believe this is also a life skill that can be accumulated in daily life. .

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