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Tips For Helping Kids Pack Luggage
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Tips For Helping Kids Pack Luggage

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When traveling with children, the children’s luggage also needs to be packed. In order to exercise the children’s independent ability, many parents let their children pack their own luggage, so how can you help your children pack their own luggage?

1. Make a luggage list

Before your child packs their own luggage, you can work with your child and help them make a packing list. This may include clothing and shoes, as well as other personal belongings such as toys, snacks, etc. Once the list is made, you can get your child to start packing.

2. Schedule for packing

Instead of having the kids pack alone, schedule two hours for the whole family to pack together. Schedule a specific time the day before you leave for the family to pack their bags together so you're not rushed. While the kids are packing, provide adequate supervision to ensure unnecessary items don't end up in your luggage!

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3. Help your child choose clothes

When your kids pack their clothes, you can help them do some matching. For example, every shirt must go with every pair of pants or every skirt. Avoid white clothes as they stain more easily. And there's no need to pack a piece of clothing for each day of the trip, clothes are reusable. However, it is wise to pack enough socks and underwear for each day of the trip, as these items are too sweaty and dirty to be re-worn without washing.

4. Leave limited space for non-essential toys

For traveling, the less things you can bring, the easier it will be, so don't let your child bring too many toys. You can tell your child that there is only one small area for their toys. This restriction will teach them the value of prioritization when packing and give them the freedom to bring at least one comfort item from home.

5. Check before closing the suitcase.

Have the children neatly stack the items on the list next to the suitcase. Then have them check that everything is in order to make sure nothing is missing essentials.

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