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The best luggage brands in 2023
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The best luggage brands in 2023

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Luggage is an essential item for every family, whether you are traveling or traveling on business, so it is very important to choose suitable luggage! Today we will introduce you to some well-known luggage brands.

1. Samsonite

Samsonite, a native American brand, was founded in Denver in 1910. In general, Samsonite's luggage is relatively durable, and their styles, sizes and colors are also very many, and the multi-purpose universal wheels of the luggage are very convenient to push and pull. Although this brand is relatively old, it keeps pace with the times and pursues technology when designing products. It is more modern and has a strong sense of fashion. Moreover, Samsonite has many product lines, ranging from low to high prices, which can meet the needs of most people.

2. American Tourister

American Tourister is a local brand in the United States. The brand was established in 1933, but was later acquired by Samsonite. American Tourister, as a subsidiary brand of Samsonite, is very cost-effective. It is a god-like existence in many American brand suitcases, and it is only half the price of Samsonite, but it builds the same sturdiness and durability. Its brand recognition in the United States is as high as 80%.

3. Rimowa

As an excellent representative of "Made in Germany", Rimowa has become the most popular luggage brand at home and abroad in recent years with its top materials, unique design, extraordinary craftsmanship and leading technology!

4. Tumi

Founded in 1975, Tumi has a history of more than 40 years and is a well-known brand of business suitcases in the United States. Known for being premium and versatile, Tumi bags are made of high-quality, durable materials that go through 30 unique tests, such as abrasion resistance, color fastness, and zipper pull, before products are released on the market. Generally speaking, Tumi mainly focuses on business suitcases. Tumi's business suitcases have no fancy appearance, but have the most wear-resistant ability, which can be called military-level business bags. Its wear-resistant technology is beyond the reach of other nylon travel bags, thus establishing Tumi's leading position in the market.

5. Travelpro

Travelpro is a brand established by a retired pilot in the United States in 1989. It has been established for less than 40 years. Although the history of the brand is not particularly long, it has a good reputation and is deeply loved by the crew. In general, Travelpro's luggage is of good quality and cost-effective, and the Maxlite series is particularly well received.

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