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The Suitcase Takes Up A Lot Of Space At Home, What Should You Do?
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The Suitcase Takes Up A Lot Of Space At Home, What Should You Do?

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Luggage is a must-have item for us to go out. However, when you are at home, the suitcase loses its function and takes up a lot of space, so how should the suitcase be stored to make better use of the space?

1. Put it in the bedroom or living room as a cabinet

It can be placed upright or down, depending on the space and luggage size. If it is the size of a boarding case, you can stack two together, lay a beautiful tablecloth, and you will have a small cabinet/coffee table. If it is a large suitcase, put it upright, and put a small IKEA shelf and a minimalist tablecloth on the suitcase. So you have a mobile bedside table or vanity cabinet In addition, if your suitcase is to be used as home decoration, when buying a suitcase, in addition to the function, it is recommended to consider the appearance and style.

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2. As a storage box, place it on top of the cabinet, under the bed or under the table.

If you go out frequently and for a short period of time, you can store frequently used travel items in a small suitcase. If it is an infrequently used suitcase, it can be used to store some long-term travel items, such as (hangers, storage bags, etc.). It can also store seasonal clothes.

3. Put the small suitcase inside the big one.

If you have a variety of different sizes of luggage, the best way to do this is to put the small-sized suitcase inside the larger-sized suitcase. This can perfectly solve your problem of insufficient space, there are not so many suitcases piled up everywhere, and it looks more beautiful.

The above are some of the ways we share about the storage of luggage. Do you have a better way?

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