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The Shape And Use Classification Of Luggage
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The Shape And Use Classification Of Luggage

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Luggage is an indispensable item for carrying luggage. Of course, luggage also has different shapes and classifications. Today we will take a look at different types of luggage.

1. Briefcase

The briefcase evolved from the design of the travel wardrobe case and the car suitcase. It is a type of luggage product specially designed to meet the business needs of upper-class people. The briefcase has a simple and elegant shape, with flat right angles, rounded corners, and right and rounded corners with slightly curved sides. Case lock designs mainly include brass key locks, two- or three-wheel combination locks, and three-wheel combination long locks. The color of the case surface is mostly black, brown and various low-brightness grays, and the fabrics and linings are mostly made of waterproof canvas, natural leather, recycled leather, plastic and aluminum alloy.

2. Suitcase

A suitcase is a type of case that is carried when traveling. The case is large and convenient for storing various clothes and utensils. The suitcase is divided into two structural forms: hardware and software. The shape is mostly cuboid design, the corners are often curved, and portable devices such as design pull rods, rollers, and brackets are attached. Among them, the soft suitcases are mostly made of waterproof canvas or leather. Because it is inconvenient to scrub, the color design generally chooses a single color or multi-color combination with lower lightness and purity. On the contrary, the color design of hard plastic suitcases is not limited by lightness and purity, and can freely choose any color on the color card.

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3. Mini case

Mini case, also known as the hard bag, is a product of the combination of modern fashion women's bags and traditional case-making techniques. Mini bags are made of traditional case-making techniques and shaped materials, and the case shapes mainly include rectangles, trapezoids, cylinders and polygons. The color design is mainly based on a variety of elegant pink series and gray series, and single-color design or multi-color combination design can achieve good color effects. In the material selection, there are mainly leather, light metal, plastic, plexiglass, tempered glass, etc. Case lock design mainly includes combination lock, pair lock, turn lock, hasp and other forms. However, their decoration techniques are very subtle and concise, often using leather surface segmentation, clear lines and delicate metal parts for partial decoration.

4. Creative Case

The creative case refers to the shape design that breaks through the conventional case in shape, and has strong visual impact in design elements such as shape, color, material, and decorative technology. The culture, taste and aesthetics shown by the creative case are far higher than the practicality of the conventional case. The design of the creative case should focus on the key design, highlight the design connotation of the case, and do not have to cover everything.

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