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The Benefits Of A Trolley Case That Can Be Expanded
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The Benefits Of A Trolley Case That Can Be Expanded

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The trolley case is a case that is carried when going out to place items. The trolley case generally has different options of expandable and non-expandable. The expandable trolley case is also called a telescopic enclosure, that is, a layer of zipper is opened to increase the volume of the case. So what are the benefits of an expandable trolley case?

What is the difference between expandable and non-expandable suitcases?

1. From the perspective of convenience: the expandable suitcase is large in size, can be retracted, and does not take up space. It can bring more convenience to travel.

2. From the perspective of capacity: The luggage space has more flexibility, and there is a telescopic heightened layer, so that the capacity of the luggage can be expanded by about 5CM in an instant, and the volume can be increased by about 16%, and the scalability is relatively strong.

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Expandable suitcases are a great option if you're going on a shopping trip.

3. From the price point of view: the expandable suitcase will be a little more expensive than the non-expandable one. But its space is larger than the non-expandable, so it is more cost-effective than the expandable.

4. From the perspective of storage: the storage capacity of the expandable suitcase is stronger than that of the non-expandable suitcase, and the flexibility of the expandable suitcase is also relatively strong, which is more suitable for places with small space.

Looking at the comparison of the expandable suitcase and the non-expandable suitcase, expandable luggage would be a better option if you're considering buying a suitcase

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