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Some Tips For Caring For Your Trolley Case
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Some Tips For Caring For Your Trolley Case

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Many people have a lot of questions after buying a suitcase, so today we're bringing together some common trolley questions for you!

How should I maintain my trolley case?

Many friends of the trolley case in the use of not long after a lot of problems, will complain about the quality of the trolley case is too poor. In fact, it is not poor quality and damage caused by the trolley case, if you do not know how to maintain the trolley case is also a major reason for damage.

1. When the trolley case use to pay attention to prevent high temperature and strong acid and strong alkali environment, and high pressure environment will also let your trolley case deformation.

2. Avoid knives such as sharp objects scratch, and then the hard trolley case is also unable to compete with the knife.

3. You can use cold water when cleaning, but please do not iron, this will burn the skin.

4. The use of trolley bags to avoid a long time in the wet environment, which will make the trolley bags lose the original toughness.

5. Trolley case with frequent use of rags on the metal accessories for cleaning, so as to effectively prevent fading.

6. Try not to let the trolley case in some uneven road above walking, so that the loss of your trolley case wheels is quite large.

7. When pulling your trolley case should pay attention to the slight force, not too much, so that can be more smooth

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The wheels are most prone to jamming, loosening and falling off

If you feel that the wheels are not working smoothly before you use the suitcase, you can apply oil to the bearings of the wheels. If the wheel is loose and may fall off, do not continue to use the damaged wheel, use the other side of the wheel instead, or just carry the suitcase. If possible, use the appropriate tools to tighten the screws on the wheel. If the screw comes off and cannot be found, check if there are any people or shops nearby who are engaged in luggage repair, it is easy to find what you need.

What to do when the case breaks

Things are often rather bad. If it is a hard box and the damage is only a small break and not serious, you can use some commercially available all-purpose glue, AB glue, etc. and repair it yourself. A soft box, on the other hand, will need to be sewn up by a repair service. The trade-off is that if it is a branded case that has undergone a repair of your own choosing, I am afraid that it will no longer be covered by the warranty.

The same size trolley case, why the size difference a lot?

Many of you may not understand that there are several ways to calculate the size of a suitcase, some only count the body part, while others include the wheels and handles, so you may buy a 20-inch case, but some people can board the plane and others are rejected, because some airlines will count the whole appearance, not just the case. Nowadays, there are more and more different types of cases, and the height, depth and design of the corners all affect the volume. It's always best to ask when you're shopping.

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