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Should the trolley luggage be two wheels or four wheels?
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Should the trolley luggage be two wheels or four wheels?

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The difference between the two-wheel trolley luggage and the four-wheel trolley luggage is mainly due to structural differences.

The structure of the two wheels is simple, the wheels are oriented, and they are generally buried halfway in the box, which is tightly connected to the whole box. It is almost impossible to go wrong when the quality passes.

The box with four universal wheels is fixed at the bottom of the box. The wheels are small and the connection is thin. Compared with the two-wheeled box, it is much higher than the box with the same volume. Relatively speaking, whether the four wheels are quantitative or single, the probability of a problem is much greater.

In addition, generally the material of the universal wheel box is plastic or metal, because it is symmetrically stressed front, back, left, and right, and the requirements become higher. Unlike the directional wheel box, the side with the tie rod is thick and the back side uses textile fabric.

Due to the different structures, the most intuitive thing is the price. The good quality 22-inch directional 2 rounds are generally above 350 yuan, while the universal 4 round 22-inch directional is generally 550 yuan.

In pulling the box:

1. Flat ground: The oblique pull of the directional wheel box is more difficult, especially when the load is heavy. The universal wheel box is a four-wheel translation, which is very labor-saving.

2. Slope: Both boxes should be pulled diagonally. The wheel axis of the directional wheel box generally coincides with the box rod, which is a little more labor-saving than the universal wheel box. However, there is a detail that the directional wheel box can be directly pulled up, and if the universal wheel is lifted over the ridge and then used two wheels to pull diagonally, it is likely that the wheel is sliding and rubbing on the ground instead of rolling, which is very annoying.

3. Uneven ground: the directional wheel box is extremely bumpy, and the universal wheel box is more difficult because of no inclination.


1. Generally, the universal wheel is heavier than the directional wheel box, and it is very difficult to raise it.
2. Generally, the universal wheel is higher than the directional wheel box, and the required space position is large.
3. In public transportation: the caster box must be tipped, otherwise the vehicle will run everywhere due to bumps, brakes, and acceleration (the caster box with brakes is more expensive). The directional wheel box must have its own brakes.


The directional wheel box, I can sit directly on the seatless car, it is very strong. But the wheels of the universal wheel are too expensive, I dare not sit

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