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Should I Choose Hard-Shell Or Soft-Shell Luggage?
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Should I Choose Hard-Shell Or Soft-Shell Luggage?

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The question of whether to choose a soft or hard shell is one of the first things on many people's minds when choosing a suitcase. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and it mainly depends on which aspects you value more.

Advantages and disadvantages of soft-shell luggage.

1. Flexible, whether you want to stuff more things in it or compress it to fit into a slightly smaller space, it is relatively convenient.

2. Usually with external storage pockets for more odds and ends, and most have expandable designs to increase storage capacity when necessary.

3. Due to the softness, it can absorb more of the impact of a cushioned collision without being easily crushed and scratched, but it cannot guarantee that the interior will not be crushed.

4. Generally speaking, the weight of the soft shell case is lighter, but after all, the fabric is thick enough to be more wear-resistant and fall-resistant, too light soft shell case usually also means that the protection strength and durability is not enough.

5. More suitable for putting some lighter, not afraid of squeezing items, carry-on boarding cases popular choice.

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Advantages and disadvantages of hardshell luggage.

1. Hard shell cases can be squeezed to maintain the original shape as far as possible, the items inside have better protection, need to bring fragile goods when the hard shell case is a must.

2. Waterproof performance is better, easy to clean, but also relatively easy to scratch the surface when collision, wear and leave marks.

3. Hardshell cases generally do not have external pockets, and there are not many expandable styles, and because they are hardshells, they cannot be stuffed with more stuff.

4. Hardshell cases do not deform due to extrusion and are easier to stack and place, but storage space is also fixed, for example, carry-on cases must be within the limits set by airlines, otherwise they will not fit.

5. Most hardshell cases are double-framed (open in half), making it easier to place items evenly on both sides, but they also take up more space when opened.

6. Most hardshell cases are equipped with tsa customs locks, which are more secure and convenient.

7. Some of the newer materials of ultra-lightweight hardshell cases may save a few pounds for those whose luggage is always overweight.

Universal or unidirectional wheels?

The Spinner: this is a model with 4 wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the case can slide in any direction standing up, pushing it in front of you, dragging it behind you or pulling it to your side, all without stress, and can be turned at will. On flat surfaces (in most cases) pushing and pulling a gimbaled suitcase is very easy, but on slopes or uneven surfaces the wheels can be a little more difficult to control.

One-way wheels (Roller): These are two wheels that can only slide backwards and forwards, so you have to tilt the suitcase first when pulling it, which requires you to take some of the strain and makes turning less convenient. However, this one-way sliding case is relatively easy to control on uneven ground or snow, and the case does not slide away on its own when standing on the ground.

The universal wheel design wheel is protruding, while the vast majority of one-way wheel design is set in the box inside, for the same straight size of the two boxes, one-way wheel box of the actual storage space may be more; on the other hand, protruding in the outside of the universal wheel is relatively easy because of collisions and other accidents and damage.

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