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Precautions for using children's trolley bag
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Precautions for using children's trolley bag

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Nowadays, many parents prepare a trolley schoolbag for their children in order to reduce the pressure on their children's schoolbags. Although the trolley schoolbag is more convenient, the trolley schoolbag is relatively large. You should pay attention to many aspects when using it. Let's talk about children. What are the precautions for the use of trolley bags? Let's take a look.

1. Avoid using the same hand to pull the bag for a long time. The child is still in the period of physical development. If you use one hand for a long time, it is easy to cause problems in the child's arm development. Therefore, it is recommended that children change hands at intervals when using the lever, so that not only the child's body can be exercised, but it can also help train the child's coordination.

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2. When going up and down the stairs, do not pull the schoolbag. If it is a schoolbag that cannot be removed, you should put away the schoolbag lever and hold it in your hand. If it is a detachable schoolbag, you should remove the pull-down lever and carry the schoolbag on your back at this time to avoid unnecessary harm to other children.

3. When crossing the road, because the child needs to pull the schoolbag, the walking speed is slower than usual, so the child needs to abide by the traffic rules and move forward safely when there is no car.

4. When school is over, avoid going downstairs with many children, as there are too many people to cause accidents. For children who use trolley schoolbags, it is best to let the children in front go downstairs first, and then go downstairs when there are fewer people, to avoid being crowded and falling.

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5. In rainy days, although the trolley bag is mostly waterproof, it is still recommended to use a professional rain cloth to prevent the books from getting wet.

6. Children should install and use schoolbags under the supervision of their parents. And parents should wash the schoolbags with the children frequently, organize the schoolbags well, and develop good habits to prevent the trolley schoolbags from being overloaded and damaged.

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