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Makeup Cosmetic case selection guide
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Makeup Cosmetic case selection guide

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For women's daily life and performance teams or people's photography professionals, makeup work is indispensable, so makeup bags loaded with makeup tools are a must-have item. In general, for daily makeup, a general cosmetic bag is enough. But for women with a large amount of makeup, especially professionals, such as actors, wedding photo studio makeup artists, and more cosmetics, this requires a cosmetic case to load these supplies. So, how to buy a cosmetic case?

Makeup box selection guide

Mainly according to the following aspects to determine what kind of makeup box to buy.

According to the purpose: If it is for personal household use, it is usually placed in the dressing cabinet, and the buyer uses the cosmetic case. If it is for professional use, you must buy a professional cosmetic case.

According to the amount of makeup: first determine the amount of makeup. If the amount of makeup is small, only daily household makeup, single use, the amount is not large, choose small and delicate, if the amount of makeup is large, multiple people share, need to load For many makeup tools, you must choose a large makeup box.

According to the material: There are many materials for the cosmetic case, including leather, wood, and so on. If it is for household use, choose leather (leather or synthetic leather), which is light, beautiful and beautiful, and can be used as an ornament. Wooden ones are also suitable for families. Stable and generous. If you are a professional and often carry out, you need to choose a professional cosmetic case with aluminum alloy profiles, which has the characteristics of reasonable space, strong structure, tightness and light weight.

According to the function: According to the different functions of the makeup box, there are many types, some are simple small boxes with makeup mirrors, there is no separation, you can be versatile. The more complicated ones are divided into several small drawers. Professional cosmetic cases are much more complicated and powerful. There are many compartments that can be folded up, which are divided into key lock cosmetic cases and combination lock cosmetic cases. Or according to the way of opening: double-open makeup box and single-open makeup box. There are hand-carrying cases or trolley cases. There are also those with or without lights. The largest makeup box is a makeup table when opened.

According to the quality and credibility: the general quality of the cosmetic case of the selected brand is guaranteed. Therefore, you must buy a cosmetic case from a brand. In addition, the reputation of the merchant who sells the cosmetic case is also very important.

According to the price: The price of the cosmetic case ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. First of all, according to the use, size, material function, etc., the above steps are selected, and then compare the three, compare the quality, and then the price to finally determine a cost-effective solution.

Makeup box selection guide

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