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Luggage Creative Design
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Luggage Creative Design

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The suitcase is a portable storage product for our travel or business trip to store and organize our personal clothes and daily necessities. Today's luggage design is full of creativity, and the endless creativity makes the function of the trolley case more novel, so do you know any creative luggage designs?

1. Turn suitcases into mobile wardrobes

This extremely creative suitcase is a suitcase with innovative shelving built-in, making it a portable wardrobe. Transform your suitcase into a compact open wardrobe in just three steps. The four-tier shelves and the side ones not only keep your luggage more organized, but also more intuitive and easy to access. It is a great choice for business trips, camping and travel, or even home storage.

2. Children's mount luggage design

In addition to holding children's clothes and toys, this children's luggage can also become a mount for children, accompany them to spend free and happy time when they go out, and can also enhance their enthusiasm for carrying their own luggage.

3. Skateboard luggage

Although the current luggage has wheels, you can pull it to walk, but if the distance is long, it is very tiring. In order to make the travel of users more convenient, the idea of skateboard luggage appeared. It is a perfect combination of skateboard and luggage, users can either pull it like normal luggage, or slide forward with luggage like a skateboard, which is labor-saving and fast. This design makes those skateboard lovers even more fond of it. In addition to luggage, this skateboard can also be attached to a schoolbag, stroller, or detached to play alone, making it a stylish design for all ages.

4. Five-wheeled luggage

Going on a trip should be a relaxing and pleasant thing, but for girls, there is never enough stuff, and the suitcase is always stuffed until it can't be stuffed. At this time, flexible and lightweight luggage is very important. Compared with the 4-wheel suitcase, the 5-wheel suitcase not only acts as a buffer, but also has a 360° roller that allows you to turn easily. It can be folded if there is not much luggage, which is quite convenient.

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