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Is it normal that the lever of the trolley box shakes from side to side?
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Is it normal that the lever of the trolley box shakes from side to side?

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The lever wobble is normal for the following reasons:

1. The spring button connected between the lever and the lever.

2. There is a gap between the big drawbar tube and the small drawbar tube. Otherwise, the two drawbar tubes cannot be pulled out too tightly. There is a plastic ring at the connection between the built-in rod and the spring, which also has a stabilizing effect.

Therefore, it is normal for the lever to shake in a certain range.

Trolley case refers to a luggage case with a trolley and rollers. Because of its ease of use, carrying clothes, etc. has become a travel, and is widely used when going out. At the same time, the trolley box is also divided into a single tube rod and a double tube rod because the box is equipped with a rod, and the tube of the rod is also divided into a square tube and a round tube to facilitate dragging while walking, which greatly reduces the burden. The trolley case can be carried by hand or dragged. The wheels of the trolley case we usually use are basically located at the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of trolley case, which is designed into a cylindrical shape, and the wheels are The entire package is outside the box. This roller design makes this trolley box better adapt to different terrains. For example, you can easily go up and down the stairs by directly pulling the box. In 2012, the main materials were cloth box, ABS hard box, leather box, PC, etc., and the usability was divided into directional wheels, universal wheels and the latest removable universal wheel trolley case.

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