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Is There a Role For Trolley Case Covers When Luggage Is Checked In?
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Is There a Role For Trolley Case Covers When Luggage Is Checked In?

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With the improvement of the standard of living, people's travel needs more and more frequent, trolley case made to become a business trip, travel, visiting relatives, school trips and other necessary items, people choose to take the plane or train or car and other different modes of transport, in the journey of travel trolley case box cover has no use?

Trolley case in addition to the choice of material can be done on the box protection, good material to keep the box light at the same time with strong solid support and impact resistance, reduce the travel box body may cause collision and damage, which is something we need to consider when buying luggage. When using the case to play a protective is the suitcase cover. The material of the case is for the protection of the internal items of the case, while the luggage case is for the protection of the "face" of the case, the latter is a lot of users do not care about things, then when going out it is necessary to use the trolley case on the trolley case cover?

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The role of the trolley case sleeve

I believe that everyone in the purchase of slightly higher value luggage when you receive the box at the same time will come with the box dust cover, as you buy a mobile phone at the same time will choose to buy a protective case for mobile phones, trolley case cover what use?

Trolley case cover used to dust: dust cover can prevent the case from dust when not in use, in the trip can also prevent dust and waterproof, encounter rain or snow weather, luggage on the case cover can also be effective in protecting the items in the case will not be wet.

Trolley case box cover to prevent the box body scratch: luggage of many materials in the current market common materials have polyacetate (pc material) material, aluminum-magnesium alloy material, and these two materials, aluminum-magnesium alloy material box is particularly susceptible to scratch. In the airport consignment, more likely to be scratched, at this time the trolley case box cover is a very good protection role.

Trolley case sleeve use attention to the problem.

Trolley case set in the use of our attention to a little detail, in the luggage consignment when using the trolley case set must be reserved out of the suitcase handle, in the security check when the need for our boxes with the journey's flight information and the box owner's information and so on these, with the suitcase set can be placed on the outside of the handle.

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