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How to use the hook on the suitcase
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How to use the hook on the suitcase

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1. Take off the hook.

Travel luggage

2. Hang up the items.

Travel luggage

3. Put the hook back in place.

Travel luggage

Expansion information:

Suitcases are a type of luggage. It includes a case body, a telescopic pull rod and a case bottom wheel, and is widely used because of its convenient use. The suitcase has a long history.

Travel suitcases, from wooden boxes and large suitcases that only hold clothes, to portable suitcases and trolley suitcases of various shapes, are constantly evolving.

Trolleys, wheels and handles are easily damaged during use of travel luggage. Check these parts when purchasing. Consumers can choose the length of the tie rod when it is pulled without bending as the standard, and check the quality of the tie rod based on the fact that the tie rod is still stretched smoothly and the tie rod lock normally opens and closes after dozens of times of repeated expansion and contraction.

When viewing the wheels of the box, you can put the box body upside down, leave the ground, and move the wheels by hand to make them idling. The wheels should rotate flexibly, and the wheel and axle are not tight or loose. The wheels of the box should be made of rubber. Low noise and wear resistance. The handles are mostly plastic parts. Generally, good-quality plastics have a certain degree of toughness, while poor-quality plastics are hard and brittle and are prone to breakage during use.

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