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How to repair the trolley case
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How to repair the trolley case

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Trolley case repair method:

1. The lever is broken

When the lever cannot be ejected smoothly, do not pull it out or receive it with brute force. Forced force will cause the lever to simply be stuck. When it is stuck, the general user will continue to use brute force. This posture will only make the lever more and more stuck. , Leading to unavailability and delaying travel. The correct way is to add motor oil or vegetable oil to the joints of the tie rods. Basically, this problem can be easily handled by smoothing.

2. The pulley of the trolley case is broken

The pulley is stuck, loose and fall off. If you feel that the pulley is obviously not smooth when the trolley box is towing, you should also drip lubricating oil on the bearing of the wheel at this time. When the wheels are loose and likely to fall off, please do not continue towing with the damaged wheel, use the other wheel, or walk directly with the suitcase. If possible, use appropriate tools to tighten the screws of the wheels. If the screw cannot be found, it is easy to find what you need by checking if there is a person or shop near the site who is engaged in luggage repair.

3. The body of the trolley box is broken

When the cabinet is damaged, things are often worse. If it is a hard case, the damage is only a small crack. If it is not serious, you can use some universal glue, AB glue, etc. on the market to repair it yourself. The rupture of the soft box needs to be repaired by a repair office.

Trolley case

Extended information:

Maintenance method of trolley case:

1. When using the trolley box, pay attention to prevent high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and the high pressure environment will also make your trolley box deform.

2. Be careful not to use the trolley box randomly, especially when walking in bustling public places such as stations and docks, where there is the possibility of scratches and collisions. 

3. Avoid scratches by sharp objects such as knives. No matter how hard the trolley case is, it cannot compete with knives!

4. The use of the trolley case should avoid being in a humid environment for a long time, which will make the trolley case lose its original toughness.

5. The trolley case uses a rag to clean the metal accessories, which can effectively prevent fading.

6. Try not to let the trolley case walk on some uneven roads, so the loss of your trolley case wheels is considerable.

7. Pay attention to slight force when pulling your trolley case, not too much, so that it can be more smooth.

8. Use cold water when cleaning the trolley case, but please do not iron it, it will scald the skin.

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