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How to put the trolley box when it is idle
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How to put the trolley box when it is idle

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The trolley case is a must-have item for human hands, but it is not used all the time. Generally, except for traveling, going to school, and going on business, most of the time is left at home. And when you need to use it, take it out again and see that the trolley case has been covered with thick dust. Then, how should the trolley case be placed when it is idle? Here we take a look.

1. Clean before storage. Because after the trolley box has been exposed to the outside environment, there must be a lot of dust and dirt on it. Therefore, before storing the trolley box, we clean it with a soft and clean damp cotton cloth, and then wipe off the water stains with a dry cotton cloth after cleaning, and then place it in a ventilated place to dry.

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2. Do not store in a humid place. Humid places are usually not ventilated, dark, and the humidity is relatively high. This kind of place is not suitable for us to store the trolley case. If you want to use it next time, then you must not put it in this place, because it is extremely It may make your trolley case moldy, or even oxidize and rust metal parts.

3. Don't put it on the open balcony. Because the balcony at home is relatively large, many people like to put the trolley box on the balcony because they feel that the balcony will be more airy. But in fact, you may have overlooked the long-term wind and sun on the balcony, which may cause the trolley box to damage faster.

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4. Avoid stacking items on the trolley box. Many people use the trolley box as a bottom item, and then pile a lot of other items on the trolley box. But in fact, whether your trolley case is soft or hard, this is not a good solution, because long-term placement may cause the trolley case to deform.

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