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How to produce a trolley luggage bag?
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How to produce a trolley luggage bag?

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The injection molding department is responsible for making the case and some parts. Large-sized boxes will be divided into upper and lower covers for injection molding, and small-sized boxes such as the upper and lower covers of cosmetic boxes will be made with a mold.The manufactured shells are inspected by the personnel of the quality department. The shells with no problems will be sent to the shell workshop for trimming and storage.


2.Accessories production

The accessory workshop is mainly responsible for assembling the tie rods, wheels, locks and handles. Logo printing is also completed in the accessory workshop, there are pad printing, silk screen printing and laser printing, you can print the Logo on the pull rod, the handle, and the logo printing metal sheet. The lining workshop is responsible for sewing the lining and the partition, processing the elastic and webbing, and the lining can be selected according to the needs of customers.


3.assemble and install

There are 4 assembly lines in the assembly workshop to assemble the shell, wheels, lining, trademarks, partitions, locks, zippers, levers, handles, leather strips and other components in sequence, and then the personnel of the quality department check the finished assembly of the box. No errors, check the outer shell of the box for damage and white marks, and check the internal structure of the box for problems such as insufficient assembly.


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