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How to maintain the zipper of the zipper luggage bag?
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How to maintain the zipper of the zipper luggage bag?

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The quality of the zipper can play a decisive role in the overall service life of the luggage. If the zipper is frequently used but not maintained, the quality will be affected more or less, which will affect the normal use of the luggage. Therefore, in the daily use of luggage, we must learn to maintain the zipper to extend the life of the luggage. Let me introduce to you how to maintain the zipper in the luggage. Let's quickly understand it.

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1. During the daily use of the zipper, attention should be paid to the anti-rust treatment. The zipper of the aluminum alloy is relatively susceptible to corrosion, so it should be kept dry and not damp, to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxides. Rusting affects the use. At the same time, it should be noted that the zipper is not in contact with alkaline and acidic substances, so as to avoid oxidation and rusting.

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2. The zipper must be used correctly. Before pulling the zipper, the teeth on both sides must be close, the top must be aligned, and then the metal luggage zipper head is gently pulled along the track, and it cannot be pulled with excessive force. When using it, pay attention to whether the zipper has any defects such as tooth removal and skew. If you have these defects, you should repair them in time, and do not pull them hard. If the zipper feels awkward when you pull it, you can first apply a layer of wax on the tooth layer of the zipper, so that the zipper will be smoother when used.

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3. Metal zipper is relatively easy to oxidize, so if you don't need luggage, you can use paper or dust bag to wrap the luggage or zipper to minimize the loss of zipper and prolong its service life.

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