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How to maintain the trolley luggage?
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How to maintain the trolley luggage?

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Nowadays, the trolley luggage is full of our business trips, travel, school, etc. The trolley luggage has become a must-have item. The trolley luggage of many friends around us has a problem before it is used for a long time. We often complain about the quality of the trolley luggage. Too much. In fact, not only that, in addition to the quality aspect, the trolley luggage also has the usual attention and maintenance. The emphasis on the use and maintenance can make our love box more durable.

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1. In terms of the operating environment of the trolley luggage, avoid using it in the environment of high temperature, strong acid, alkali, and high pressure. These environments will generally deform the trolley luggage.

2. Take care to avoid scratching by sharp objects such as knives.

3. Pay attention to the usual cleaning method, generally use cold water to clean, but don't iron it, it will burn the skin.

4. Keep the environment of the trolley luggage, to avoid being in a humid environment for a long time, this will make the trolley luggage lose its original patience.

5. Regarding the frequently used trolley luggage, it is necessary to use a cotton rag to scrub the metal fittings, which can effectively avoid fading.

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6. Try not to let the trolley luggage walk on some uneven roads, so the loss of the trolley luggage wheels is very large.

7. In the normal use of the lever, in order to maintain the smoothness of the lever system, pay attention to the strength when pulling out or lowering the lever, and the force is not too large. If the strength is too large, the accessories in the lever button and the lever system will be damaged. .

8. When the trolley luggage is idle, a dust bag can be set, and the ventilation is regularly carried out, so that the aging of some accessories of the trolley luggage can be delayed.

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