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How to judge the quality of travel luggage bags?
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How to judge the quality of travel luggage bags?

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We should judge the quality of travel luggage bags through some details:

What kind of tie rod is of good quality?

Strength of the rod: remind everyone to see whether the rod fixed on the luggage is strong. When purchasing, be sure to pull the rod up and down a few times to see if the rod is smooth when it is pulled. If it is a pull rod with a button, it also depends on whether the button will pop up quickly after being pressed.
Tie bar material: The best material is of course stainless steel alloy. The material is lighter, stronger, less deformable, and more costly.Luggage bags with this kind of tie bar are generally not cheap.

What kind of wheels are of good quality?

You can see if there is a bearing on the inner ring of the wheel, such a wheel is relatively strong and durable. The rear wheel of the travel bag is a very critical part. If the rear wheel is exposed, it will be easily damaged by the road steps during use. Generally speaking, the semi-packaged rear wheel is more durable.

Is the suitcase sold on the market better than a hard case and more convenient?

Hard case: Moisture and pressure resistance, love pressure, strong. It is recommended that the PC material is better.
Soft case: light weight, good flexibility, large capacity, light and convenient, it is recommended that polyester material is a good choice.
In fact, each has its own advantages. When purchasing, you can choose a suitable bag for yourself according to the items you are used to carry when you travel.

In addition to the above issues need to be noted, do we have other tips when buying trolley bags?

Also look at whether the zipper is smooth and the lock: whether the dial of the combination lock is flexible, the comfort of the handle, the durable workmanship and structure of the fabric, and after-sales service.

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