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How to clean and maintain the makeup box
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How to clean and maintain the makeup box

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1. Why clean the cosmetic case?

Because cosmetics are often installed, it is inevitable that some cosmetics, such as perfume and foundation, will remain in your makeup box. If these residues are not cleaned in time, it will be difficult to remove and affect the appearance. Pay attention to avoid squeezing when cosmetics are installed in the cosmetic case. If the cosmetic case is made of PU, the cosmetic case will often be deformed if it is received.

Some girls dress up brightly and brightly every day, but when they open their makeup boxes, they are as messy as the dump. This not only makes people have a bad impression of you, but also may cause skin allergies and acne due to bacterial hiding in cosmetics. So it is necessary to clean the makeup box! So how do you clean up your makeup case and cosmetics? Don't worry, the most complete cleaning methods are here!

Cosmetic case

2. How to clean the cosmetic case?

The vanity case is both functional and beautiful, but sometimes it gives us a chance to be beautiful, but we can't let it stay beautiful... Scattered powder, eye shadow debris, and scratched lip gloss, mascara all let The beautiful makeup case became dirty and old.

Step 1 Clean up the makeup box, and wipe off the stains on the inside and corners with a cleansing cotton pad.

Step 2 Then, soak the makeup case a little, and after soaking, apply the usual cleaning assistant.

Step 3 After wiping, you can wait for 10 minutes before washing. When washing, pay attention to it. Don't be too rude, damage the cute makeup box, just use a small brush to wash it.

Step4 After scrubbing, add a basin of hot water and wipe it several times until there is no stain left in the makeup box. Finally, put it in a ventilated place to dry, our beautiful and clean makeup box will be back.

Cosmetic case

3. Maintenance method of makeup box?

Maintenance and precautions

Sealing treatment: when putting cosmetics in the cosmetic case, the cover should be tightened to prevent the cosmetics from leaking and staining the cosmetic case. If the cosmetic case cannot be sealed, it should be taken out in time.

Cosmetic case

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